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Apartments in a prime location in Vienna at an affordable price. Most-realestateapartments offer business & families - apartments in various sizes for 1 to 6 persons - minimum duration on request.! (1 month). Our apartment (s) are the perfect accommodation for assemblers, tourists and business travelers!

Margareten Apartment mit Terrasse

from 59 € / Night

Favoriten Apartment - Angeli

from 32 € / Night

GoVienna Oldtown Apartment No.2

from 80 € / Night

Close to the center!

ERA apartments in Vienna are the ideal starting point to explore and discover the city of Vienna. As our apartments are all in a prime location, it takes you only a few minutes walk to the subway and to many sights and cultural highlights of the city.


You prefer the privacy of your own apartment the accommodation in hotels or hostels? We put together a selection of high-quality furnished apartments, away from standard rooms without any flair of the city.


The price of apartments in many cases corresponds approximately to a double room in the same category - the big difference is, that you can share the Apartment with four or up to six people, so you receive a lower price per person.